Music for Special Occasions


We start playing 30 minutes before the ceremony. Our repertoire caters for all three important segments of a wedding ceremony: walking down the aisle, signing ceremony, and walking out as husband and wife.

Corporate Event

Our repertoire for corporate events is enormous. We have pieces and songs from J.S. Bach to Michael Jackson. All our music is uniquely and  masterfully arranged for our ensemble.

Dinner Party

Choose any style of music to create the atmosphere you desire at your dinner party. We will deliver it for you.



At your birthday party your guests may have different tastes in music. That is why we include Baroque, Classical, Jazz and Pop music in our repertoire.


Music is a unique form of art that can speak without words. Allow us to assist you on this very special occasion.


Private Concert

Cello with Love has unique programs that have been presented extensively around Australia through different venues and stages. Check out our YouTube channel.

Why invite us:

We are professional musicians with a wealth of experience of performing on some of the best stages in
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and St Petersburg (Russia).

Our repertoire is enormous. You name it we play it.

Within this field of music we have the highest standards.

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What people say about us

We liked your approach to music and the youth, your vision to make classical music appealing to the younger generation. That’s great!

Stephen, Janice, Joanna

Beautiful music from Russia. There should be more.

Theresa T.

Just wonderful! Wish I could play like that. Enjoying the Russian music.

Julie H.

So far very enjoyable, love to hear both instruments, so talented. It takes one into another world.

Jacqui F.

Beautiful expressive playing from both performers. Delightful program of show works.

Anne J.

It was beautiful. Wonderful talent. Thank you for inspiring my son to play music.

Heidi L.

Fabulous! Thank you so much. So good to hear such music in the small regional town. Loved the little bit of Russia!

Carol B.

Thoroughly enjoying the music. Amazing how you both bring the pieces to life! No favourites – loving it all.

Leah J.

It was very beautiful! We really enjoyed the music. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Sean, Suzanne, Noah

Thank you for coming to Australia and bringing such beauty! All pieces were great, but the piece from Bach just “blew me away”. Thanks again.

Roy G.